Create an Excellent Customer Experience and a Happier Workplace

Voice of the Customer

Opinion8 is an automated, cloud-based survey platform that lets you collect valuable information instantly, accurately and economically via telephone, web and SMS. Wherever your customer interacts with your business, you can solicit and collate feedback. Understand in real time what your customers think you are doing well so you can replicate it and what you are not doing so well so you can improve it. Whether you want to conduct a short, pulse survey by text, find out how to ameliorate your website services or capture the Voice of the Customer directly in a post-call automated survey, Opinion8 has a solution for you.

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Voice of the Employee

Attracting and retaining the best employees is fundamental in the success of any organisation. Your employees are your brand ambassadors, the embodiment of your company’s reputation and their knowledge of your business and your customers is unparallelled. Learn from them and support them to be the best employees they can be. Opinion8’s Voice of the Employee surveys will shed light on the processes in your business that are hampering your success, threatening your customer satisfaction and diminishing your employees’ job satisfaction. Tune in to the Voice of the Employee and you will increase employee engagement; reduce employee attrition; improve business processes and ultimately provide better customer satisfaction.

For Market Researchers

Are you looking for a provider of IVR telephone surveys to facilitate your client’s market research project? We have a lot of experience working with market research agencies and can help you provide your clients with the quality market research they are looking for. The flexibility of Opinion8′s survey offering allows you to seamlessly marry your expertise with ours. We can tailor our offering to entirely suit the requirements of your market research project. Whether you require help with survey design or want to utilise our comprehensive reporting tools, or you are just looking for a company to host and manage IVR telephone surveys, Opinion8 has the answer for you. We offer unparallelled support to you whilst allowing you to foster and maintain your relationship with your clients.