Create an Excellent Customer Experience

Voice of the Customer Surveys

If you want to understand the customer experience and are looking for ways to get customer feedback, Opinion8 can help. Opinion8 is an automated, cloud-based survey platform that lets you collect valuable information instantly, accurately and economically via telephone, web and SMS. Indeed, wherever your customer interacts with your business, you can solicit and collate feedback - ideal for today's omnichannel contact centre.

Understand in real time what your customers think you are doing well so you can replicate it and what you are not doing so well so you can improve it. Whether you want to conduct a short, pulse survey by text, find out how to ameliorate your website services or capture the Voice of the Customer directly in a post-call automated telephone survey, Opinion8 has a solution for you.

Read our free guide to learn all you need to know about running a successful Voice of the Customer campaign.

Survey types

Gaining insight into the customer experience at every touchpoint can dramatically improve your customer service. We can provide telephone, Web and SMS surveys to meet any feedback requirement.

We offer a range of inbound and outbound telephone surveys that can be conducted with or without the knowledge of your agents. We offer Web surveys that can be accessed via a pop-up on your website or by email invitation. Our SMS surveys can be outbound or initiated by your survey participants. Any of these survey types can be run alone or in conjunction with other types so you can be assured you will have the best solution for your organisation.