Feedback Solutions For Market Researchers

We have a great deal of experience helping Market Research companies with their projects.

Market Research companies are adept at providing their clients with actionable business intelligence. Creating insightful analysis from large amounts of data is where the skills of a good market research company lie.

Where Opinion8 can help is by capturing that data. The flexibility of Opinion8′s survey offering allows you to seamlessly marry your expertise with ours. We have particular experience in providing companies with IVR telephone research capability so if your operation requires that facility, we are perfectly placed to assist you.

We can tailor our offering entirely to suit the requirements of your market research project. Whether you require help with survey design or want to utilise our comprehensive reporting tools, or you are just looking for a company to host and manage IVR telephone, Web or SMS surveys, Opinion8 has the answer for you.

We offer unparallelled support to you whilst allowing you to foster and maintain your relationship with your clients. All the data and the reporting can carry your branding allowing you to directly offer your clients the entire package.