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Survey types

Gaining insight into the customer experience at every touchpoint can dramatically improve your customer service. We offer a range of telephone, web and SMS surveys to meet any feedback requirement.

Have a look at our in-depth list of options explaining the benefits of each survey type and their specific usage.

Looking for Multilingual?

Opinion8 provides a highly cost-effective way of gathering feedback from customers and employees around the globe. We have the ability to operate in over 60 countries and we have the experience and expertise to facilitate your multilingual, multi country surveying project. We can transcribe your audio feedback in any language to facilitate the prompt analysis of your survey results.

Why not try it?

Try Opinion8 for yourself. If you would like further advice from one of our experts about how Opinion8 surveys can help you improve customer or employee satisfaction, please email us at Alternatively, call 0117 398 2342 or +44 117 398 2342 from outside the UK.