Create a Happier Workplace

Voice of the Employee

Attracting and retaining the best employees is fundamental to the success of any organisation. Your employees are your brand ambassadors, the embodiment of your company’s reputation and their knowledge of your business and your customers is unparalleled. Learn from them and support them to be the best employees they can be.

Tune in to the Voice of the Employee and you will increase employee engagement; reduce employee attrition; improve business processes and ultimately provide better customer satisfaction.

Our VoE Surveys

Our feedback system will shed light on the processes in your business that are hampering your success, threatening your customer satisfaction and diminishing your employees’ job satisfaction.

This is no one-size-fits-all solution. We can help assess your requirements and deliver a flexible, tailored programme that will give you invaluable, actionable insight. Our automated telephone, SMS and email surveys have a host of applications for use in your business.

Use our Voice of the Employee Surveys on an ongoing basis, for quick pulse surveys to establish the health of your organisation, for exit interviews to improve your employee retention or alongside your VoC campaign.

Waveless Surveys

Ongoing feedback collation from your employees could streamline and inform your business practices. Gathering data regularly from your employees on the frontline will illuminate any issues in customer service provision as well as providing tangible evidence to your employees that you value their opinions.

Unite your VoE and VoC Programmes

Running a Voice of the Employee survey alongside your Voice of the Customer survey will improve the quality and usefulness of both programmes.

Any issues in your customer service provision brought to light by the results of your VoC campaign, will certainly affect the worklife of your employees. Your employees may also have the solution to improving these broken or inefficient processes!

Including your employees in your VoC campaign will undoubtedly improve your customer service provision and improve employee engagement - a win win situation.

Monitoring Individual Performance

Our surveys are ideal for regular employee performance monitoring illuminating any training requirements and supporting any regular review meetings.

Performance results can be collated over any given time, compared with previous results and ranked against other results. Specific customer feedback can be linked to individual employees and used to identify and reward any exceptional service or address any particular complaint.

Should an employee’s performance fall below prescribed standards, alerts can be sent to the manager so issues can be addressed immediately.